Assembly – Meeting Place and Exchange Forum

Every morning, the ASSEMBLY is a meeting place for the public, artists, curators, and people engaged in the cultural sector. Whether in short thematic kick-off statements, in an arena, or in individual encounters—all of the participants are invited to take advantage of the light-flooded architecture of the SANAA building on the Zollverein site for a relaxed exchange.

Here, the artistic positions and questions raised by the Dance Platform can be dissected, interwoven and explored as well as placed in a broad social, local and global context.

The Dance Platform is also always an (inter)national exchange forum. Network partners, cultural institutes, artists, and multiplicators are invited to set their thoughts in motion and discuss current developments in society, science and the economy and how these interact with dance and choreography.

DO 15.03. — SA 17.03.2018
10-13 H
In German and English

Free Entrance

→ Essen
SANAA building
Folkwang University of the Arts


THUR 15.03. 10-13 H
The body and technological development

Is my smartphone smarter than me? The biological human body is continually being enhanced, modified, improved and put to question by technology and technical methodologies. Under the in uence of the rapid pace of advances in cybernetics, prosthetics, communication technology, digital information networks and smart technologies, the relationships between technical standards and the functional principles of the biological human body are constantly shifting. Technology and the body are progressively merging, in uencing, shaping and modulating each other. Do technical advances offer utopian spaces of possibility, or subject life to unknown algorithms?

Impulses from: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger (Human Technology Centre, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen) und Elle Nerdinger (Cyborg e.V.)
Host: Klaas Werner (Medienwerk NRW)

FRI 16.03. 10-13 H
Social effects

How do artists operate in social contexts? The performing arts consistently reflect their own basic social determinants. Work with and in communities and specific audience situations and work in different social settings shape the artistic self-image. Aesthetic practices operate within different social contexts, encounter distinctive local phenomena and take place within political structures. The interplay of these social dimensions is analysed, exemplified and presented for disposition in artistic practice. What kind of questions do the artists ask themselves?

Impulses from: Claudia Bosse, Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn (HAUPTAKTION), Xavier Le Roy
Host: Susanne Traub (Fachbereich Theater und Tanz, Goethe-Institut)


SAT 17.03. 10-13 H
International Perspectives

How can dance platforms serve as instruments in support of international alliances? Visitors to the Dance Platform 2018 present examples from their specific local contexts and offer impressions of dance scenes in different regions of the world. How does the performance practice of dance and choreography impact on societies in different ways?

Impulses from: Nayse López (Panorama Festival, Rio de Janeiro, BR), Joanna Leśnierowska (Old Brewery New Dance, Poznan, PO), Qudus Onikeku (QDance Center, Lagos, NG), Sabrina Joy Tan (Bunga Arts Link, Manila, PH), Iris Hung (Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, TW) / Sabine Reich (The Association for Dance, Berlin, DE)
Host: Dr. Elisabeth Nehring (journalist)

Foto: © Heike Kandalowski