Late Night StudioTalk

The evening performances will be followed by a series of live Late Night Studio Talks with various guests, spontaneous actions, rituals, video clips and live music performed by the Late Night Band MightyTheMighty in the Winter Garden in the Festival Centre. Beginning at 23 H on each occasion, moderators Sahar Rahimi and Philipp Schulte will be inviting dancers and choreographers from the Dance Platform to join in discussions of topics our guests have always wanted to bring to the glaring studio light or wish to do so spontaneously. The Late Night Studio Talks will be available for viewing online the next day along with their daytime counterparts, the Walk'n'Talk discussions.

Hosts: Sahar Rahimi & Philipp Schulte

Music: Mighty The Mighty 

WED 14.03. — SAT 17.03.2018 23 H 
In German and English

→ Essen
PACT Zollverein
Festival Centre

Late Night Studio Talk

WED 14.03. 23 h
With Julian Warner / Oliver Zahn
Topic: “Black Panther” 

WED 14.03. 23.15 h
With Dr. Elisabeth NehringDr. des Leonie Otto (Jury members)
Topic: Jury selection process

THURS 15.03. 23 h
With Fabrice Mazliah

THURS 15.03. 23.15 h
With Frances Chiaverini
Topic: Whistle while you work (initiative that calls out sexism, discrimination, and harassment in performance/arts communities)

FR 16.03. 23 h
With Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference
Topic: Ballet in the 21st century

FR 16.03. 23.15 h
With Johannes Ebert / secretary general of the Goethe Institute

SAT 17.03. 23 h
With Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat
Topic: (Political) Spaces

SAT 17.03. 23.15 h
With Eszter Salamon

Walk 'N' Talk (WED 14.03)

Sahar Rahimi and Philipp Schulte talked to Rafaële Giovanola from CocoonDance Company


Walk 'N' Talk (THURS 15.03)

Sahar Rahimi and Philipp Schulte talked to Sasha Waltz

Late Night Studio Talk (THURS 15.03)

With Julian Warner & Oliver Zahn / HAUPTAKTION
Hosts: Sahar Rahimi and Philipp Schulte

Music: Mighty The Mighty 

Late Night Studio Talk (THURS 16.03)

With Fabrice Mazliah and others members of the Artist Summit Frances Chiaverini, Robyn Doty and Katja Cheraneva (Whistle While You Work)
Hosts: Sahar Rahimi and Philipp Schulte

Music: Mighty The Mighty 

Late Night Studio Talk (FRI 16.03.)

With Richard Siegal / Ballet of DifferenceJohannes Ebert / Generalsekretär des Goethe Instituts
Hosts: Sahar Rahimi & Philipp Schulte

Music: Mighty The Mighty 

Walk 'N' Talk (DO 15.03)

Sahar Rahimi & Philipp Schulte talking to Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis

Late Night Studio Talk (SA 17.03.)

With Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat
Theme: (Political) Rooms

and Eszter Salamon
Theme: REPLAY – The life and afterlife of ideas and projects

Music: Mighty The Mighty