Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference
Made for Walking / BoD

  • Thu 15.03.18 20 h
  • Fri 16.03.18 18 h

›Made for Walking‹ & ›BoD‹

38-18 € / reduced 19-9 €
60 MIN.

1 interval

30 MIN before the show starts: Introduction by dramaturgy Tobias Staab

Tickets 15.03. 20h Tickets 16.03. 18h

The title ›BoD‹ refers to the programmatic character of Richard Siegal’s first work for his Ballet of Difference company, founded in Munich in 2006, which unites dancers and artists in all their heterogeneity and diversity.

To the rhythms of DJ Haram, a musician with Lebanese roots living in the USA, who mixes various contemporary club aesthetics with experimental sounds and Arab musical traditions, the dancers rotate through the space and by means of inflatable costumes created by New York fashion designer Becca McCharen constantly transform themselves into new physical shapes. Exploring the dancers’ personalities and considering their respective biographies, Richard Siegal combines physical forms of expression from diverse ethnical traditions and aesthetic socializations to create an electrifying amalgam expressing a culturally rich and intrinsically diverse contemporary world.

The two-part evening opens with Richard Siegal’s latest creation ›Made for Walking‹ (working title until February 2018 was ›Ballet 2.018‹).

Choreography: Richard Siegal // Dance: Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, Jemima Dean, Léonard Engel, Courtney Henry, Yvonne Compaña Martos, Tigran Mikayelyan, Margarida Neto, Jin Young Won, Matthew Rich, Diego Tortelli, Nicola Strada, Zuzana Zahradníková // Dramaturgy: Tobias Staab // Music: DJ Haram (thanks to Discwoman) // Precompositional devices: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch // Costumes: Richard Siegal, Acne Studio, Chromat / Becca McCharen (thanks to Klymit) // Light design: Gilles Gentner // Stylist: Edda Gudmundsdottir // Ballet master/mistress: Caro Geiger, Diego Tortelli // Production management: Miria Wurm // Technical direction: Roman Fliegel // Production: Richard Siegal / The Bakery and ecotopia dance productions // Co-production: Schauspiel Köln, Tanz Köln, Muffatwerk München // Supported by: German Federal Cultural Foundation, Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Richard Siegal is choreographer in residence at Muffatwerk Munich